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We want you to enjoy our theatre and experience its beauty which is why we have put together a great rental program to provide a great experience. Whether you are a dance studio or a promotor who wishes to bring an event or a non profit looking for a venue to provide a fundraiser. We have a great offering for you. Rent the Martin today!

Concession and Coffee Bar.

The concession stand is available to you during your event.   When renting the Martin, we will gladly open to support your event.  The 2nd Floor area is available to book for small groups or parties as well.

How to Rent.

On inquiring about the Martin, we will send you a rental agreement electronically.  It contains all the necessary information to rent the facility.   Feel free to contact us  so we may better understand your needs and be prepared to help you with your event. For questions or to schedule a meeting contact Brian Norris at or call (912) 389-6332.

Requirements to book a space

    • Complete a rental agreement
    • Make a deposit
    • Present an insurance certificate when full payment is due.

Rental Agreements

Our Spaces


2nd Floor at the Martin Centre

2nd Floor

2nd Floor area. Ask us about using this as a meeting space for small groups, book clubs, social gathering, birthday parties.

The Martin Centre seats a total of 750. 500 on the main level. 250 in the balcony. Access to the balcony is off the coffee bar in the second floor lobby area.


Theater experience

Popcorn, candy, cotton candy, peanuts and drinks are available at the concession stand located in the main lobby. This area is opened during most events.

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